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The Story of John McAfee

You don't have to be an IT noob to know about McAfee. McAfee is awarded antivirus software that protects users from phishing, cyberattacks, and malware. While the computer software company's popularity is evident, we should admit that the story of its founder, the eccentric IT mogul John McAfee, is no less famous.

So let's learn more about John McAfee and his role in the cryptocurrency world.

Who Is John McAfee?

John McAfee, the former antivirus software mogul, had a lifetime full of fame and controversy. After having made a fortune through his software venture, McAfee sold the company and led an eccentric life across the globe.

During his lifetime, he was accused of tax evasion, illegal dealings, and even murder. It was his involvement in Bitcoin trading, however, that led to his tragic end.

McAfee and Cryptocurrency Investing

With the rise of cryptocurrency trading, more and more big fish got into the sector McAfee was no exception.

McAfee and his advisor Jimmy Watson, however, were accused of scalping and pump-and-dump schemes or buying cheap altcoins, falsely promoting them online to inflate their prices and then selling them to make a profit, which led to numerous criminal and tax evasion charges. Besides, McAfee was involved in controversy around crypto casinos, such as the iGaming site Wavesbet.

McAfee's Bet on Bitcoin

Perhaps what everyone will remember of McAfee's role in the cryptocurrency sector is his unusual bet on Bitcoin. In July 2017, John McAfee staked his sex organ on national TV if the price of BTC was not $500,000 per coin by 2020. A few months after that, in November 2017, he said that he would do so if BTC didn't reach $1 million!

Here is important to mention that crypto investing and trading is extremely risky and people should not speculate. As mentioned in the BitiCodes website: "All types of investment and trading carry risk and may lead to monetary losses. That is why you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose." Other crypto planforms like Quantum Prime Profit have also stressed out the importance of always do thorough research, calculate the risks, and plan your budget accordingly.

McAfee and the Bet

Since BTC never came anywhere near $1 million, many Twitter users started reminding McAfee that a bet is a bet. He admitted that he never believed that number, and his announcement was just a trick. Even BTC's all-time high of almost $70,000 in 2021 was way too short on where it needed to be to save McAfee's masculinity.

****from this line on, first two letters of the word "S-T-I-C-K" ("S" & "T") replace the letter ("D")****

if not, I will eat my STick
            on national television.

Jock McAfee Bet

Conversely, if Bitcoin is worth One Million Dollars by that day, most of the world is going to feel like STicks for not listening. A Dickening will be had no matter what.

Where "Dickening" came from?

December 31, 2020 is called The Dickening after The Halvening.

What is The Halvening?

"Bitcoin halving" or just "The Halvening" is the time when Bitcoin’s block subsidy gets cut in half. The halving of Bitcoin’s block subsidy occurs every 210,000 blocks (roughly every 4 years) and is a key feature of Bitcoin. It is because of the halving of the block subsidy that Bitcoin ultimately will have a capped supply of 21 million bitcoin.

Dickening.com in McAfee's Mouth

My Bitcoin bet date has always
            been Dec 31st 2020
            (see link). When asked in July if I was going to eat my STick
            in three years I naturally said yes. Didn't mean in July
            FFS! Did I believe that number. Of course not! But
            I'll still eat my STick. Just wait

How much Bitcoin needed to grow
for McAfee not to lose?

Historic Precedent for Growth Needed?

There were two precedents of Bitcoin experiencing the surges.

The first occurs between January 2011 and June, 2011.

The second occurs between October, 2012 and December, 2013.

This sort of upward action was not seen since 2012, but there is logarithmic precedence for the sort of insane growth that McAfee predicted.

***These fractal comparisons were created by the operator of dickening.com in October 2019 while the Bitcoin price rests at $8200. Barring a significant drop, both fractals allow for several months of side action. I am unaware of these sorts of comparisons previously being made elsewhere in relation to McAfee's prediction, which might not be so crazy and unprecedented afterall. You heard it here first.

The bet was made in 2017.
How does McAfee feel about BTC in 2019?

Bitcoin is at the
                    mid 10's and people worry. LMFAO!! Why do you pay
                    attention to weekly fluctuations? Look at the past
                    few months FFS! It's rising drastically. I'm still
                    positive about my $1 mil BTC price by the end of
                    2020. Alt coins like MTC and Apollo will rise ten
                    times more.

Double or Nothing?

"If it's less than 2 million dollars by the end of 2020, then mathematics itself is a flawed discipline." -John McAfee - October 18, 2019

How many bets has John McAfee ever lost?

I have
                      never lost a bet

Is what McAfee bet on possible at all?

John Mcafee Yoga

A little known fact is that John McAfee became a yoga teacher after selling his software company. Speculation is that if John McAfee loses his bet, he will not need a knife and fork. Instead, the limber McAfee seems quite capable of demonstrating to a national TV audience the yoga pose, "downward STick eater."

STick eating outsourced?

If the worst
                      comes and I lose my Bitcoin bet (keep in mind I
                      promised to eat my STick. The cutting it off first
                      was added by the media), I will probably
                      subcontract the task to a relay team of Bangkok
                      prostitutes with instructions to carry out the
                      task slowly, finishing as I exit

The law in
                      every State is similar:Debts owed, whether in
                      tangible assets or in service, may legally be
                      fulfilled by agents acting on behalf of the

Mathematically Impossible?

Come on
                      people!!! It's time to brush up your basic
                      math skills and run some f*^#$ng numbers!!!! It is
                      mathematically impossible for Bitcoin to be less
                      than $1 mil by the end of 2020. Bitcoin is not an
                      effing stock!!! You can't apply stock
                      paradigms or formulas and expect answers!

Does Anyone Else Believe This?

Max Kaiser
                      recently endorsed my $1 mil Bitcoin price
                      prediction and is now doubling down on his nearer
                      term $100,000 price prediction. The train is
                      starting to roll. Just wait for the nuclear
                      explosion in alt coins like Docademic, Apollo and

"Between 3 and 7 million"

In this interview with Patrick Bet-David, John McAfee explains how he arrived at a $1,000,000 pricetag for bitcoin.

The End of McAfee

Undoubtedly, IT mogul and risk-taker John McAfee left a mark in the crypto industry. It all ended in 2021 when McAfee was found dead by hanging in his prison cell in Spain – while waiting to be sent to the US to face tax evasion charges.

While crypto enthusiasts will have to stop waiting for such a wager to be shown on TV, McAfee's story reminds us that the crypto space remains speculative and volatile.